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Hops Extracts Instructions for Use

  • One ml of hops extract is equal to approximately one ounce of hops pellets. 
  • To use, remove cap from syringe. Slowly and smoothly depress the plunger to dispense desired amount of
    extract. An easy way to add extract to the boil is to place desired amount on the stirring paddle and just stir it in.
  • Remember this is a concentrate. A little goes a long way and it is often better to use a little less than using too
  • Always replace cap after use and store away from sunlight and temperature extremes.
    When using to enhance hops additions, add up to one ml per gallon during the last two to three minutes of
  • To replace your aroma and flavor additions, use above approximation and follow your recipe, cutting a couple
    of minutes off of the boil time for each addition.
  • For example, if you would add a quarter ounce of Willamette during the last five minutes of boil,
    add a quarter ml of extract at three to two minutes left of boil. The concentrated form means less time necessary to incorporate.
  • To get a “dry hop” effect without the dry hopping hassles, add about one half ml per gallon after flame out, the
    later the better. Preferably at around 120-110 ĚŠ F.


Of course these are general rules. Depending on the specifics of your brew (like rigor of boil, size of boil, water hardness, etc.) some adjustments may need to be made. That is, after all, part of the joy of home brewing. Experimenting and of course enjoying the fruits of your labors. We hope our hops extracts makes your brewing day a little easier and your brew even tastier!