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Blog posts of '2018' 'April'

Cannabis Decarboxylation - What Is It and Why Is It Important?
With cannabis consumption on the rise nationally, both recreationally and as medication. Decarboxylation is a word you may have been hearing more frequently these days, especially if you have any interest in the cannabis plant. So what is decarboxylation, you ask? Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction by which a carboxyl molecule is freed from an acid to form a new compound. For our interest this would refer to THC and CBD being present in fresh flowers of the cannabis plant as THCA and CBDA .
Cannabis Extraction - CO2 vs BHO an Objective Comparison
Today's commonly used solvent-based extraction techniques fall into two general categories; hydrocarbon and CO2. This article is intended to provide details about both extraction technologies as well as a comparison of the techniques and technologies used in the extractions to help people understand key differences. Extractions falling into the hydrocarbon category are most popularly conducted using either butane or propane as a solvent. Here I will describe butane extractions, however, the details of hydrocarbon extraction using propane are quite similar.