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Beer Hops Extract

Fresh, natural  and exquisitely fragrant, this variety specific hops extract is our answer to the growing demand by home brewers for hops in a convenient, concentrated form.  Hops concentrates are gaining popularity today as a means of increasing brew efficiency and ease. While it is not recommended to brew entirely with hops extracts, the late addition stage is a great place where extracts can be used and can actually serve to enhance a beer's profile.

Our varietal hops extracts are made with the home brewer in mind. Use to enhance or replace your late hops additions. The extraction process we employ provides more of a whole plant extract than other extracts currently available. As such they contain all of the volatile essential oils desired for flavor and aroma and some of the alpha acids responsible for the beer's bitterness. Providing not only fresh, bright flavors and aromas but also a fuller mouthfeel and slightly increased, fresher tasting bitterness.

We use a process of extraction called super critical fluid extraction (SFE). Using carbon dioxide under extreme pressure we are able to pull the essential oils from the hops cones or pellets without exposing them to harsh chemical solvents or heat. This provides a clean, all natural concentrate that smells like freshly harvested hops.

Benefits of using our hops extracts

  • The compact size of our syringes allows for greater hops diversity in much less space. You could literally have pounds worth of extract in the same amount of space you would store two or three ounces of whole cones.

  • Stays fresh as the day it was extracted if properly stored (out of direct sunlight at room temp or refrigerated) will stay fresh for years. Though we recommend using within a year.

  • Less plant material in the kettle means less to strain and more of your precious wort ends up in the bottle ,where it belongs, instead of being stuck in discarded hops.

  • Ease of dispensing and measuring our extracts can help make brew day just a little easier.

Also a great way to get the dry hopping effect right in the kettle.

Enjoy, Brandon & Rob.